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Our Products:




        Attention to Detail is everything: From Buyers’ Expectations to Clothing Manufacturers’ Professionalism. International Business Sourcing, we take pride in the fact that the clothing manufacturers we source from stand out for their stringent efficient order execution, quality control and timely delivery. These clothing manufacturers specialize in both woven apparel and knitted apparel. With modern vertical units our chosen garment manufacturers produce apparel that meets the buyers’ expectations in terms of quality, costs and time.

        The clothing manufacturers as well as we have access to well-equipped labs that conduct the international standard quality assurance tests during production and finally before shipment. Reaching out to the best garment manufacturers in Pakistan through us, the buyers can acquire apparel that ranks high in style, durability and comfort. We believe these qualities are impossible without the professionalism and reliability of clothing manufacturers that we share with every valued clothing manufacturer.

        Quality assurance is an ongoing process that tests the product at every stage to assure strength, high performance, color fastness, good wash ability and other characteristics such as water resistance and breath ability, where required.

        The work culture of long-term relationships, goodwill and total solutions is also common to both the garment manufacturers and International Business Sourcing Whether we source from all-rounder apparel manufacturers or specialized clothing manufacturers, the buyers always get the best value from the long-lasting and great-looking garments where attention to detail is everything.

Major categories of Apparel are:



        Dress Shirts, Suit, 3 pcs suit, Ladies Tops, Skirts, Shirts, Denim Jeans, Dress Pants, Trousers, Ladies Shawl, Scarf, Pullover, and Shorts etc


        Polo Shirts, T-Shirts,  Henley Shirts, Knitted Dress, Dress Shirts, Pullovers, Jackets, Pajama Suits, Sleeping Shirts, Sleeping Gowns, Night suits, Shorts etc


        Karate Uniform, Golf Shirts, Base Ball Shirts, Yoga suits, Base ball caps, Short sleeve Soccer uniform, Climbing Jacket, Basketball wear, Ruby Shirts, Tennis Shirts, Jogging Suits, Sweat Shirts, Sweat Pants, Tricot jogging pants, Cycling Shorts, Tank Top, Sport Socks, Long sleeve bicycle sportswear,  Sport Vest,Reversible Short and Bermuda, Athletic Shirts, Athletic Head bands, Men’s Pullover, Surfing Wetsuit, Shell shorts,  Ladies Sports Jackets, Hooded Sweat Shirts, Swim short, Swim suit, Tights, Shell finishing vest, Judo cloths, Socks, Shell sport suit, Tricot sportswear , Raglans, Vies, Crews, Hooded, Pants, Shorts, Socks etc


        Casual wear , Sport wear, Anklet, Crew, Pouch, Tube many style for Men’s, Ladies, Kids and Infant wear 


        Doctor Coats, Scrub Suits, Nurse Uniform, Nurse Short Coats, OT Suits,  Hospital Gown, Patient Gown, Apron, Allover Suits, Theater Gown, Surgical Caps, Scrub Towels, Warm-up Jacket, Work wear Suits, Allover Suits, Bib Pants, Chef Wear, Bibs, Boiler Suits, Labor Uniform, Smock Jacket and Trouser, Pocket Tools Bib, Cook Jacket, Cook Apron, Boiler Suits, Rain Coats, Saft Park, Uniform Socks etc


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